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When I started this website in college, I intended to use it as a hub for all my published work. Over the past few months, I've realized it's a bit more difficult than I thought to keep the website updated — especially since I work for a daily newspaper and write multiple stories per day! [...]


Model United Nations wins awards in New York City

Sonoma State STAR: Model United Nations wins awards in New York City A group of Sonoma State University students travelled to New York City last week for the National Model United Nations Conference, a program where students from across the globe participate in a series of hands-on simulations of the UN tackling world issues ranging [...]

Editorial: The clown trumping the polls

Sonoma State STAR: The clown trumping the polls Americans are captivated by Donald Trump’s campaign for presidency, and not because he’s the best candidate. Outlandish proclamations, empty promises and disrespectful quotes toward women, minorities and nearly all Americans whom he disagrees with have earned him his popularity. He is proving that any publicity is good [...]

Low graduation rate prompts new legislation

Sonoma State STAR: Low graduation rate prompts new legislation Nineteen percent of first-time freshmen in the California State University graduate within four years — a statistic that’s prompted state Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda) to propose legislation to increase the current graduation rate. The bill, proposed last week, would offer students financial and academic incentives for [...]

Editorial: LoboVision exemplifies lack of vision

Sonoma State STAR: LoboVision exemplifies lack of vision Sonoma State University’s Seawolf Plaza has been illuminated by the bright light of the newly-installed LoboVision, intended to make students more aware of events on campus.  Installed only two weeks ago, LoboVision has already become a topic of controversy among students — and for good reason. Many [...]

Editorial: The perpetual burden of student debt

Sonoma State STAR: The perpetual burden of student debt Hard work and dedication used to be all one needed to succeed in the world of higher education. Nowadays, college is becoming increasingly inaccessible—is this sign of the times or something changing within American culture that doesn’t support the academic pursuits of young people? Tuition costs [...]