Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Kayla Galloway and I am an assignment editor at FOX40 News in Sacramento, CA.

 A little bit about me — I have a passion for news and all things journalism. I recently graduated college and began my professional journalism career last year. I feel very lucky to work in an industry where I can do something I love everyday.

I graduated in 2016 from Sonoma State University with a degree in communication and media studies and political science. After I graduated college, I began my career with the Vacaville Reporter, a daily newspaper in Solano County. I covered the county court system and spent most of my days listening to hearings and trials and writing about what I heard. 

During my college career, I was news editor of my university’s student-run newspaper, the Sonoma State STAR — something that greatly influenced my future goals and aspirations.

In March 2017, I made the transition from print journalism to television news and am loving every minute of it. Despite the drastic change,  TV news offers more immediacy and urgency than print — and that’s what I’m enjoying most so far.

I created this website while in college to showcase my written work from both my professional and college journalism career. I have a passion for writing and hope to continue pursuing that passion despite my transition into television news.

Thank you for visiting and feel free to reach out with any questions or comments! Be sure to check out my work in the portfolio tab and feel free to follow me Twitter. 




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