Victim testifies in Vacaville beating case

The Reporter: Victim testifies in Vacaville beating case

The victim in a brutal Vacaville beating took the stand Wednesday in Solano County Superior Court during a probable cause hearing and recounted what he could remember when he was allegedly beaten with a baseball bat and left with severe injuries after a house party.

Ryan Cooper, 23, of Vacaville, testified Wednesday he went to a party in Vacaville on the night of the attack and eventually got into a van with three men and two women in route to Dixon. During the car ride, Cooper said he got out of the van to smoke a cigarette and the next thing he remembered was waking up in the street in pain, unable to move.

The three suspects in the beating, Jameson Grey-Ledesma , 21, Jonathon Muse, 20, and Joshua Potmesil, 19, are all facing attempted murder, mayhem and second degree robbery charges for their suspected involvement in an attack that left Cooper seriously injured and blind in his right eye.

The attack occurred in the early morning of Sept. 18 after the party near a dead end on Studding Sail Way in Vacaville.

After the attack, police said Grey-Ledesma stole contents of the victim’s wallet. After allegedly being left in the street, Cooper eventually reached the door of a nearby residence just after 5 a.m. where the homeowners contacted authorities.

According to Cooper’s testimony, he is in the process of having jaw and eye socket reconstruction surgery because of the injuries he sustained from the beating.

While in the van driving toward Dixon, Cooper said he noticed a bat below is feet near the back of the vehicle. He, however, has no recollection of being struck with the bat nor did he know the identities of the three men in the van with him.

Before exiting the van to smoke a cigarette prior to the alleged beating, Cooper said he saw the men swinging the bat outside of the vehicle.

According to Muse’s attorney, Cooper previously identified the man swinging the bat in the street as a Caucasian male wearing diamond stud earrings.

As the hearing continued Wednesday afternoon, the court also heard testimony from one of the two women who were in the van at the time of the incident.

Dixon resident and friend of Potmesil, Lindsey Cintas testified seeing Potmesil with a bat around the time of the alleged beating. Following the attack, the two women went to Potmesil’s home, Cintas testified. The day following the beating, Cintas testified that Grey-Ledesma and Potmesil asked her to keep quiet about what she saw the prior night.

The court also heard testimony from Vacaville Police Officer Aaron Potter, who spoke to the other woman present during the alleged beating. Potter said the woman told him that she saw two men beating the victim with a baseball bat. However, the officer continued on by saying the woman later took back that statement.

During the officer’s interview, Potter said the woman told her that Grey-Ledesma stole the contents of the victim’s wallet, his car keys and ripped up his social security card.

The three suspects remain in Solano County Jail on attempted murder, robbery and mayhem charges. Potmesil is being held on $190,000 bail and Grey-Ledesma and Muse are being held on $750,000.

As of press time Wednesday, the preliminary hearing was still on going and no future court dates were available.


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